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SHE Real Estate

Journey to refine the online luxury real estate experience.

In a world where luxury knows no bounds, Elaine She, a ‘property tagger’ for real estate developers, approached GEE Global with a vision to align her digital presence with the caliber of her expertise, appealing to high net worth property investors. Her goal was to showcase her modern approach, unparalleled expertise, and intimate knowledge of the real estate industry, creating a digital platform that would stand as a testament to elevated living.

SHE Real Estate Singapore digital branding
SHE Real Estate Singapore digital brand alignment


Brand Naming, Brand Messaging and Communication, Creative & Art Direction, Digital Brand Alignment, User Experience (UX) Design, Website Development

Guided by Elaine’s refined taste and international outlook, our team meticulously crafted a bespoke logo and curated captivating imagery that effortlessly evoked the essence of unrivalled luxury.

SHE Real Estate’s unparalleled collection of high-end luxury and international properties took centre stage with every element, from intuitive navigation menus to seamless responsiveness and SEO content development, aimed to showcase these remarkable properties and invite visitors into world-class luxury.

Together, we transformed Elaine She’s vision into a tangible reality, revolutionizing the realm of high-end property websites.