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Prioritising the human aspect of putting people first and the selfless act of giving at the heart of the brand promise.

Through decades of working with senior citizens, children and youth who have physical, learning or emotional disabilities, and families that require support services, AWWA has become one of the sector’s most highly effective advocates, providing the knowledge and resources necessary to help people move towards more independent, connected lives. Their people-centric approach to each day’s activities: the giving, concern and humanity demonstrated by each staff member, each volunteer and each partner, are embedded in the organisation’s new brand.

People in action, action with a measurable impact: this is AWWA, and AWWA is people. GEE brought the idea of “People Giving To People” to life as the foundation of the AWWA brand promise, prioritising the human aspect of the organisation’s mission by putting people first and last, as well as the selfless act of giving from the heart.

Brand Consulting, Brand Guidelines Development, Brand Identity System, Branding Strategy, Corporate Collateral Design, Creative & Art Direction, Digital Brand Alignment, Integrated Fundraising Strategy, User Experience (UX) Design, Website Development
GEE for AWWA volunteers
GEE for AWWA building signage

Historically, the organisation depended heavily on government funds, accounting for 95 percent of its programme support. This rebranding initiative aims to develop a brand identity that resonates broadly across diverse stakeholders and audiences. Our team enhanced AWWA’s core pillars, including its visual identity, fundraising strategy, and digital transformation, all anchored in the selfless act of giving. This strategic overhaul strengthens AWWA’s financial foundation and amplifies its impact, ensuring sustained support for its invaluable human services.

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GEE for AWWA main building signage

GEE developed a cohesive, integrated brand and development strategy that eliminated the barriers between programme awareness and fundraising. Our approach unified the organisation’s voice, ensuring audiences received a consistent brand message across all platforms rather than experiencing a fragmented communication strategy. 

The newly designed corporate identity wordmark captures AWWA’s core commitment to people, embodying the essence of its mission and seamlessly integrating the brand promise across all departments, services and programmes. This partnership provided a strategic foundation to reshape and future-proof the organisation’s brand, enhancing its impact and reach across the community.

GEE for AWWA volunteers
GEE for AWWA Digital Brand Alighment Site


GEE developed a comprehensive Brand Style Guide, conducted internal education sessions, implemented rollout training programmes, and developed marketing communications collateral and a custom website featuring robust content approval processes.