Nonprofits and Cause-Related Marketing

As Singapore’s leading cause-related marketing and nonprofit brand agency, GEE Global helps organisations create meaningful connections with supporters, donors, stakeholders and the media.

GEE for Foundation for The Arts and Social Enterprise Music Commissioning Series


GEE Global is a mission-driven marketing and creative agency that helps nonprofits grow and accelerate their impact. Whether you are a charitable organisation seeking to raise awareness or a corporation with purpose, we craft narratives that move missions forward through cause-related marketing and fundraising initiatives.

We take a people-first approach to developing powerful, creative, scalable growth strategies and targeted communications and campaign development that connect with people.

Designing and executing cause-related marketing campaigns that raise awareness, drive engagement, and inspire action.

Creating a compelling brand identity that communicates the organisation’s commitment to the cause and fosters strong connections with stakeholders.

Developing a comprehensive strategy to align the organisation’s brand with a relevant cause that resonates with its values and mission.

Conducting research to identify and assess potential social or environmental causes that align with the organisation’s goals and target audience.

Establishing and managing partnerships with nonprofit organisations or social enterprises to collaborate on cause-related initiatives.

Branding Causes with Purpose

What sustainable legacy does your organisation want to make? Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how GEE can help you drive your mission to engage with new audiences, develop fundraising strategies and transform your brand digitally.