F&B and Restaurant Consulting

GEE restaurant consulting firm brings expertise in strategic branding, financial modelling, interior design, media relations, SEO and content marketing to help F&B leaders navigate challenges.

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Our team provides intimate guidance and knowledgeable resources to help restaurant groups and chef entrepreneurs launch or redefine their brands profitably. Our deep understanding of revenue and the bottom line makes us a trusted partner in the industry.

With ‘ glocal ‘ trend forecasting, we stay ahead of the curve, combining global insights with local nuances. From fashion and retail to travel and customer behaviour, we identify the trends that shape the F&B industry. With Industry 4.0 and sustainability increasingly intertwined, we focus on the triple bottom line and circular economy to develop innovative and sustainable F&B concepts that drive growth and profitability.

A well-crafted brand name is the foundation of a restaurant’s identity, conveying its unique personality, values, and cuisine to customers. A memorable and relevant brand name can make all the difference in establishing a loyal customer base and setting a restaurant apart from the competition.

We start with financial models and revenue forecasts to assess concept viability. If forecasts are not positive, we adjust key ingredients like menu engineering and pricing strategies to turn the concept into a profitable venture. This financial precision informs interior design, menu pricing, and marketing strategy, ensuring sustainable and profitable F&B brands.

We craft immersive F&B experiences spanning diverse design capabilities, bringing together corporate identities, interiors, social media and visual collateral to tell a singular story. Our design expertise creates cohesive brand worlds that engage customers and drive business success.

We bring F&B concepts to life with a comprehensive launch strategy encompassing media relations, operational refinements, and beyond. Our launch expertise ensures a seamless transition from concept to reality, generating buzz and driving business results.

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Whether you’re an F&B operator looking to launch a concept in six months or an FMCG brand developing a new project, contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how GEE can help drive your business forward.