GEE for MÉTIS Bali photoshoot

MÉTIS Restaurant & Gallery

Discover how GEE Global transformed MÉTIS Restaurant & Gallery into an iconic brand, eclipsing the success of Kafe Warisan through a comprehensive brand strategy and experiential marketing campaign.

Entrepreneurs Said Alem and Chef Nicolas ‘Doudou’ Tourneville approached GEE Global with a vision for a new restaurant venture to surpass their renowned Kafe Warisan. Our team began crafting MÉTIS Restaurant & Gallery’s brand and identity two months before the grand opening.

GEE for MÉTIS Bali ad campaign
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GEE for METIS Bali collateral

Our objectives included creating an instantly recognizable brand, attracting loyal Kafe Warisan patrons, and launching MÉTIS globally. We transformed traditional restaurant marketing into an experiential lifestyle concept, designing corporate identity, collateral, media relations, and advertising campaigns.

GEE for METIS Bali restaurant marketing
GEE for METIS Bali restaurant collateral

The two-month “Coming Soon” campaign generated over 1,000 new email contacts via the microsite, exposed more than 7,500 travellers who dined at the former restaurant to guerrilla marketing, and secured editorial placements in over 20 Asia-Pacific publications before opening day.

GEE for MÉTIS Bali restaurant

An Instant Iconic Brand

GEE and MÉTIS developed a brand centred on sensory dining experiences, shifting Bali’s advertising landscape by focusing on shared experiences rather than food shots and empty seats. Since opening night, every seat in the 200+ pax establishment was filled, making MÉTIS an instant icon, eclipsing the success of Kafe Warisan.