GEE for AYM Design Studio

AYM Design Studio

Redesigning an architecture interior design studio, crafting a digital brand that perfectly mirrors exceptional design standards

The architectural interior design firm, renowned for its trailblazing and visually stunning projects, took bold action to elevate its website to reflect the exceptional quality of its work accurately. With a demanding schedule dominated by client projects, the lead designer actively sought a trusted partner to craft a captivating digital experience that would vividly bring the design studio’s kaleidoscope of projects to life.

Creative & Art Direction, Digital Brand Alignment, User Experience (UX) Design, Website Development
GEE for AYM Design Studio Singapore

GEE took charge of redesigning the firm’s website, crafting a digital brand that perfectly mirrors the studio’s exceptional design standards. Our innovative solution featured a visually striking website that vibrantly showcases the firm’s colourful projects, a user-friendly interface that effortlessly guides visitors through the firm’s extensive portfolio, a responsive design that ensures a seamless and immersive experience across various devices, and a cutting-edge content management system that empowers the firm to update and manage its online presence effortlessly.

GEE for AYM Design Studio Singapore digital
GEE for AYM Design Studio Singapore website design

Digital Case Study

The redesigned website increased the firm’s credibility, aligning its digital brand with exceptional design standards. It also provided a user-friendly platform to easily manage and update its online presence. By delivering a comprehensive digital experience, GEE helped the architectural interior design firm establish a strong online presence, representing its creative vision and exceptional work.