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The style-forward founder had an idea for a full range of naturally-derived bath products and wanted GEE Global to bring to life her vision to make bath time fun again.

Through market research, we took emerging trends, specific consumer purchasing behaviours and core decision drivers combined with industry practices to develop the foundations of a retail concept grounded firmly in reality – laughing in the face of convoluted lifestyles and contrived media messages that mangle what consumers want – whilst acknowledging the craving for cool, stylish and unique products. The brand was rooted in our concept of ENUF, where excess is out, and good and minimal are a mainstay.

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GEE for Bathe store design concept
GEE for Bathe store design displays

We nurtured the concept, giving it personality. We clothed the brand in its design style. And we shaped its future by coining a concept called ‘Enufness’ – speaking to an emerging and shifting consumer mindset that says “excess out, minimal in.” That combats choice fatigue and nods to sustainability, and that simply gets back to the basics of being genuine, feeling good and being clean.

A brand was born, and GEE Global named it Bathe …

GEE Global has been involved in virtually every aspect of the business, from brand conception to company naming, from visual identity design to quirkily fun product descriptions, product development, art direction, and even pricing strategies.

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GEE for Bathe creative design

GEE worked in concert with Bathe on strategic growth initiatives. In moving the brand from a single stand-alone retail shop to an international franchise venture with the opening of Bathe Hong Kong, our team created a comprehensive series of operations manuals covering every aspect of Bathe, including store operations and merchandising systems, business and cause-related partnerships, digital and media presence and localization strategies.

GEE for Bathe brand guidelines
GEE for Bathe website development