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Communicating an innovative brand, bringing an entrepreneur’s vision to life

As policy drives industry strategies, CisgenX is at the forefront of smart irrigation. GEE needed to strategically position the firm to meet future environmental sustainability and ESG objectives across residential, commercial, agriculture and golf irrigation. From agriculture and landscaping to sports facilities, corporate campuses, and urban infrastructures, the solution extends beyond water conservation to impact food security and public health, aligning with global policies while optimising today’s operational expenditures.

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Cisgenics The Future of Smart Irrigation
CigenX website design

GEE’s approach began with a deep dive into the agricultural industry, understanding farmers’ needs and pain points and the environmental impact of traditional irrigation methods. This research developed a brand story highlighting CisgenX’s commitment to precise innovation. CisgenX was positioned as a trailblazer in the precision irrigation sector, offering a holistic ecosystem that leverages IoT, AI machine learning and advanced sensing technologies.

CisgenX Controller

GEE crafted the CisgenX product line to be visually striking, durable and user-friendly, with a consistent design language across components. The MK3 decoder technology was housed in a sleek, weather-resistant enclosure. The intuitive user interface featured clear data visualisation, customisable dashboards and real-time alerts optimised for desktop and mobile devices. The CisgenX website served as a comprehensive resource, offering engaging visuals, in-depth product information, and case studies, with a responsive design ensuring a seamless user experience.

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CisgenX brand launch was met with widespread acclaim. The brand’s website saw significant traffic, with users engaging deeply with the content and case studies. CisgenX established itself as a leader in the precision irrigation sector, poised to drive meaningful change in how we approach irrigation and resource management.