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Growing from a single-provider physiotherapy practice to a multi-location and multi-provider institution with an 800% patient acquisition increase since the first year

Recognising the unique proposition of HelloPhysio’s founder as a podium-placing elite athlete, we centred our brand narrative around the powerful story of the body’s ability to overcome. We enhanced our messaging by highlighting the adjunctive modalities that tap into the body’s natural healing mechanisms, connecting novel technology with the human body in a groundbreaking approach to physiotherapy care. This strategy advances the industry from traditional physical therapy exercises to leading-edge technologies that promote cellular health, heal acute injuries fast and treat musculoskeletal dysfunctions to help people return to pain-free movement.

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Our team developed a consistent visual strategy, aligned partnerships with brands like New Balance, and executed media relations across diverse channels. We crafted clear, compelling messaging that articulated our vision and directly addressed the needs of patients.

During the COVID-19 lockdowns, with an increase in outdoor activities, we capitalised on this shift to enhance our online visibility. Our approach included creating a content-rich website, optimising on-page elements, and enhancing local SEO through active social media engagement on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Google Business. These efforts targeted athletes in Singapore, helping to expand our reach and maintain continuity of care in today’s competitive marketplace.

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GEE takes services beyond the standard. We specialise across many specialities, grasp financial modelling and integrated, multidisciplinary services essential for modern business growth. We design our strategy with analytics to determine the patient acquisition necessary to sustain and expand the business. This analysis enables practices to set marketing goals and allocate budgets.

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As a result of our brand management and marketing, SEO content development and social media strategies, the start-up physiotherapy practice successfully attracted a significantly larger number of patients, which helped grow revenues by 390% from the first year and increased new patient acquisitions by more than 800% since the clinic opened in June 2019.

HelloPhysio has expanded to multiple locations in Novena and Raffles Hotel Arcade, employing six full-time senior physiotherapists. The website now attracts approximately 30,000 users, generating over 2.1 million impressions annually.