GEE Global for MicroBiotix Regenerative Biotechnology


GEE helps MicroBiotix unlock a healthier world by delivering a brand founded on new regenerative approaches through microbial biotechnology.

GEE crafted a compelling brand narrative based on solutions for our planet that have existed for billions of years, applying this timeless story to the modern day to shape our narrative of regenerative biotechnology. Our creative journey to build a visual brand brought simplicity and modernism to logo identity, digital online assets and product packaging. We set out on a mission to narrate a new world vision powered by microbes. This vision aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and ESG sustainability imperatives.

GEE Global for MicroBiotix regenerative biotech
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MicroBiotix Regenerative Agriculture
GEE Global for MicroBiotix Regenerative Microbial Technology

Guided by a leading botanist and visionary entrepreneurs, we developed a brand that leverages the tiniest living organisms to address the global issue of sustainable alternatives to synthetic chemical agrotech. Microbes, nature’s remedy, are essential for soil health and our microbiomes. Ubiquitous in their presence — even within our gut microbiomes — these microbes decompose organic matter, enrich the soil, protect plants and animals and enhance human health. Furthermore, microbes help balance ecosystems by sequestering carbon to nutrient recycling nutrients and purifying water.

MicroBiotix Nature Boost
MicroBiotix Soil Regenerator biological soil conditioning

Our team wordsmithed bold content that challenges societal norms by examining the impact of modern agricultural practices on our gut microbiome and showcasing the potential of microbes as renewable bioenergy resources. This approach helps stakeholders and potential investors understand and envision the future of global health and industry resources through the enormous lens of microbes. At MicroBiotix, regenerating the planet is more than a business goal—our fundamental purpose.