SHE Real Estate Singapore responsive website development

SHE Real Estate

Discover how our team at GEE for SHE Real Estate designed a world-class digital presence to captivate high-net-worth property investors and establish a strong online presence that reflects the founder’s expertise.

Elaine She, a real estate industry expert, approached our team at GEE with a clear vision: transform her expertise into a digital experience. As a ‘property tagger’ for real estate developers, she aimed to create a dynamic digital platform that would evolve with her thriving property company and attract high-net-worth property investors.

Our narrative to build a luxury real estate brand from start to finish laid the foundation for our strategy. Reputation matters when you’re looking to invest millions. To set SHE Real Estate apart from the competition, we developed a compelling brand story around ‘world-class’ to spotlight her modern approach, deep expertise and intimate knowledge.

SHE Real Estate Singapore website design Singapore
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SHE Real Estate Singapore digital brand alignment
SHE Real Estate Singapore digital branding

Our team took this idea and translated it into the user experience taking potential buyers, investors, sellers and developers through a property journey beyond the transactional. SHE Real Estate’s collection of high-end luxury and international properties took centre stage with every element, from intuitive navigation menus to seamless responsiveness and SEO content development, aimed to showcase these remarkable properties and invite visitors into world-class luxury. 

SHE Real Estate Singapore website development
SHE Real Estate Singapore website design

The Journey

In less than a month, GEE’s successful transformation brought SHE Real Estate’s digital presence to a full working live beta, positioning her as a leading luxury real estate expert in Singapore.