GEE for Sumitomo Chemical Asia packaging design concept

Sumitomo Chemical Asia

Determine whether Singapore could sustain locally-grown leafy greens and support Sumitomo Chemical’s business division.

GEE conducted a thorough analysis identifying wholesalers, retailers, and food services as the primary sales targets for locally-grown leafy greens in Singapore. Our team meticulously analysed the competitive pricing strategies of wholesalers, importers, and retailers, breaking down the costs to the price per kilogram. Additionally, we interviewed chefs from restaurant groups and hotels to estimate the potential market size for these products. The insights gained from this comprehensive analysis provided a deep understanding of the sales targets, distribution channels, and key factors driving purchasing decisions in this segment.

GEE for Sumitomo Chemical Asia salad mix packaging design
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GEE for Sumitomo Chemical Asia packaging design

We chose Shīdo (Japanese for “seed”) for our commercial brand to symbolise a return to the basics—the foundation of any product. The brand features seven product variations embodying our proof-of-concept story centred on peak freshness, nutritious taste, and year-round local availability. This branding approach underscores the core values of natural growth and sustainable practices.

Brand Story

Singapore’s freshest source of healthy leafy greens is handpicked at peak freshness. Delivered the same day to local grocers and restaurants, we aim to maximise taste, nutrition and food value with minimal loss of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. The produce is packed fresh, quality-assured, and traceable-safe back to the source. Clean air, fresh water and bright natural light are all it takes to grow our hydroponic greens in a hygienic and sustainable environment. And all of this happens right here in Singapore.